Lockout and Key Services

Locking your keys inside your vehicle can be very frustrating. AAA offers you emergency automotive locksmith services to help you gain entrance to your vehicle. If your keys are lost, broken, or the service provider cannot gain entrance to your vehicle, auto locksmith service or reimbursement for auto locksmith service up to $50.00 will be provided for AAA Basic members. AAA Plus, Plus/RV, Premier and Premier/RV members receive up to $100 for auto locksmith services.

In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing services may be provided in accordance with the towing provision. For the protection of your vehicle, AAA may request ownership verification of the vehicle and/or seek identification of the person driving the vehicle. Registered owners must be present for this service.

The following auto locksmith services are not covered:

  • Ignition mechanisms
  • Making keys for vehicles with dealer tags
  • Door keys or duplicate keys
  • Locking lug nuts
  • Locking hubcaps
  • Steering wheel clubs
  • Trunk keys (If the keys are locked in the trunk and trunk release is inoperable, then the towing provisions apply.)

Additionally, AAA Premier and Premier/RV members also receive one home locksmith service per year valued up to $100.​​​​​​